Heul Doch Questionnaire

This Questionnaire is part of a social research performance-experiment.

Please answer all questions as truthfully as possible. There’s no judgement. We are all terrible, lonely people. We all do it.

By filling out this questionnaire, you agree to our Terms of Performance* and Privacy Policy*. Data will not be shared. We only do the thing that Facebook, Google and all the other bastards are doing anyway. So all cool.

*Note: There’s really no need to read our Terms of Performance. No one ever does that anyway.


Sexual orientation?

How often do you use social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...)?

Which of the following best describes your current relationship status?

Do you sometimes "spy" on people (eg. your friends...)?

Have you ever had an argument on WhatsApp?

Do you sometimes post photos of yourself / make yourself feel...?

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